Reliving your pain can lead to self-destruction except for Saving Souls

When people live with painful memories of the past, they have a tendency to create destruction around themselves, and their lives can become very unbalanced. They could have a hard time moving past the pain they endured so many years ago. Even if they want to leave that part of their life behind them, they are clueless as to how to do so. More so, they want to hold on to parts of the pain so they can remain angry with the people who they felt caused it. They do this in order to remember and not forgive the people they felt had caused them pain. They feel they are punishing the person if they do not express forgiveness. They continuously remind themselves and others of the pain they endured in the past. This keeps the pain fresh in their psyche, now becoming mainly emotional pain. They look at themselves as a recurring victim and magnify the Poor Me Syndrome. How could this happen to me? Why did this happen to me? How could you do this to me?
Their lives are continuously focusing on these questions. They are continuously fighting emotionally with trying to find the answers to these questions and more. They cause themselves to repeatedly feel bad about being a victim about something that happened a very long time ago, which they had no control over. They look at themselves as being worthless and continuously beat up themselves with negative thoughts, consequently making themselves feel bad. They give all their power to their past pain, allowing it to control their future. It controls how they think, feel and act. They canít relate or interact in a positive manner because they do not feel good about themselves. Their thinking is based on negative thoughts about themselves and others. Views they hold often stem from their negative outlooks, and they are often very judgmental. They do not see the beauty in being a child of God, and lack positivity about who they are. They feel they are not good enough to do, be, or have anything. They start to question their purpose in life and become depressed, with thoughts of hopelessness and suicide. They feel life is not worth the heartache. They feel tired of fighting a losing battle and hate who they have become, feeling like they are living a double life.

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